new looks

A collaboration
with Kyle Fletcher

Strange Beauty Show
April 2014
Chicago, IL

SW: Why is all of the work so raw and unfinished?

KF: In the same way that a hairstyle must react to the elements of the world we wanted to bring some life to each piece that reacts to the environment. We’re happy to have found a way to mimic the tension of a haircut going out into the world and empathize with that fragility.

SW: One of my first impressions was the lack of color. Why is that?

SJ: Mint walls. We love mint walls. That said, we decided early on that restricting our color palette to black and white would allow the artwork to pop off the walls as a point of focus. The work maintains more of a presence this way. 

SW: Why should I like the work?

SJ: You aren’t obligated to like any of it. In fact, we prefer that you love it or hate it.

KF: We hope to have provoked new thought or perception on hairstyling. Whether you like it or not it doesn’t really matter. Our process will continue to snowball and sponge up new techniques, knowledge, and processes.