the timekeeper's

a performance by
Lindsey Barlag Thornton

curated by
Steve Juras

From the artist, Lindsey Barlag Thornton:

"Using the troubled voyage of Ernest Shackleton’s “The Endurance” as a metaphorical and symbolic departure point, the timekeeper’s meditation… explores our relationship to the dissonance between objective and subjective time.

One hundred pounds of ice slowly melts atop a hand-made wood table, dripping into tin buckets, as my body is present on the ice, meditating on time, past, present, and future happening simultaneously as ice melts, and as I keep time – seconds… minutes…and hours — as they are actually experienced and surreally imagined."

This piece was my curatorial contribution to the "Mind the Gap" exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center. This show was co-curated by members by the Curatorial Practices class as part of the Visual Art Certificate Program at the University of Chicago's Graham School.

photographs by Claire Demos