Waiting Room is a digital video installation featuring animation and photographic material from the Joshua Tree National Park in 29 Palms, California.


Viewed as an object of contemplation, it is an opportunity to meditate upon the openings generated by the intersections of the eye, camera, computer and natural world. Through these openings emerge ideas of order, repetition and stasis intermingled with those of harmony, transformation and flow. These rather abstract notions exist within two concrete structures: a geometric grid based on the Golden Section and a narrative framework defined by the progression of daylight from morning to night. 

As a piece specifically created for a waiting room, it proceeds at an intentionally slower and measured pace than the information stream we receive via television, the internet, mobile devices and other-screen based media. In this way, the piece suggests alternate modes of thought, feeling and perception.

Steve Juras, Director
Jody Michael, Executive Producer
Liz Stanton, Field Producer

Music track: "It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack" by Liars